Even Heaven Is A Long Way Down

Writers: Tim Johnson, Britton Cameron, Burton Collins, Jim Kaufman

I wasn’t looking for a miracle
When a white dove landed on my windowsill
Then the gray clouds parted and the sun came shining through
A rainbow appeared and then I knew
That everything was gonna be alright
Baby you were the one who came along and changed my life

And I’m high, I’ve never been so high
From the moment you touched me baby, I ain’t seen the ground
And I fly above where angels fly
Ever since you laid you’re love on me
Even heaven is a long way down

From the first time I saw your face
I understood the meaning of amazing grace
I realize now that all my prayers were small
I never had the faith a man could have it all
Is there any doubt this was meant to be
I believe right now God is smiling up at me