Slow Boat To China

Writers: Britton Cameron, Doug Kahan, Tim Jackson

Put me on a slow boat to China
Cause I've got no place to be
I'm just a farmer’s son from South Carolina
Running from my family tree

I don't want to wind up like my brothers and cousins
Broken back from throwing hay
With the only wife I find inside these county lines
Just to lay down in an early grave

Maybe soon someday I'm gonna float away

So put me in a tiny wicker basket
And float me down the Nile
Tobacco crops are doomed, it ain't rained a drop since June
Been that long since my momma smiled

Maybe soon someday I'm gonna float away

Run, run, all I think about lately is
Run, run, anywhere my feet can take me

Daddy never broke away
Now he smokes three packs a day
He's got one suit that momma made
So he can go to church to pray for rain

That man keeps calling from the bank
Death and taxes, there's no escape
It's hand to mouth, it's day to day
And I don't want to live this way

Maybe soon someday I'm gonna float away