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  1. Tell Me Now


Tell Me Now
Writers: Britton Cameron, Burton Collins, James Hunter
I been running for so long, from the way that I feel
Like a hurricane, hurricane baby, you’re hot on my heels I’m about to surrender, I’m about to give in
Don’t leave me hanging honey, just say what it is
If your gonna leave me cold and broken down and frozen If your love’s a lie, your gonna say goodbye
Why don’t tell me now, why don’t you tell me know
If your gonna take it back and cut my heat wide open Leave me there to bleed without a breath to breath
Why don’t you tell me now, why don’t you tell me know
I’m torn up with trouble but you ease my pain
Even when my memory is like a runaway train
You say that you need me but when you pull me close Your lips tell me yes but your eyes tell me no
Should I lay it all on the table or keep my heart out of sight Can I count on forever or just count on tonight