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  1. All We Got


All We Got

Writers: Britton Cameron, Doug Kahan, Scott Baggett

The factory owner bought the woods next door put a mansion on the hill
He’s looking down on me from his balcony, yeah I think it gives him a thrill
I’m eating my sandwich here in my hammock, sipping on an ice-cold brew
I gotta big ole grin, I feel sorry for him, cause he ain’t got you

Come over here and lay down beside me
I know where you are, you know where to find me
It’s never too late for love, you know it’s not, no it’s not
This kind of love, you can’t buy with money
It’s more than enough, none of it goes to waste
All it takes is all we got

He’s got a staff of four to shine his marble floors and a big screen satellite
Three car garage and football floodlights that come on every night,
Kick up your feet, right here with me, we don’t need no bed of roses
Baby I got you, I see no need to keep up with the Jones