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  1. Put A Face On Me


Put A Face On Me

Writers: Britton Cameron, Richie Supa

Put a face on me
A bullet with my name on it clipped my wings
And left an empty hole in my family
But I’m not asking for your sympathy

Put a face on me
I’m more than just a number on your nightly news
So one more politician can sing his blues
When ain’t walked a single mile in my boots

Somebody had to do it
Freedom ain’t never been free
Somebody had to do it
So I said why not me

Put a face on me
I’m one more fallen soldier from the other side
Never got a chance to hug his kids and say goodbye
Or wipe anyway the tears that they’re gonna cry


Put a face on me
And maybe say a prayer for me in church sometime
And for all my other brothers that got left behind
Who stood up tall and laid their life on the line


So you can put your head on your pillow
And dream your sweet dreams every night
When I picked up my rifle
And I made the sacrifice

So put a face on me