Artist Promotion and Media Services

Single Distribution

This uploads a single to all major stores and platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. This includes full optimization of your Spotify profile and a professionally tailored pre-save link. Additional digital service provider fees may apply.


Album Art Creation

This service utilizes an image of choice (and artist logo) combining these elements into an optimizable and visually compelling single cover for all digital stores. 

Facebook and Instagram Video Advertisement Campaign

This service creates a 10-day tailored Facebook and Instagram advertisement campaign. This campaign has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers for any music video release. This includes daily advertisement monitoring and management in order to receive the greatest amount of traction per dollar of ad-spend possible. 

Full Video Upload Service

This includes the uploading of your music video to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Videos will be given an appealing yet streamlined caption and a compelling thumbnail. Appropriate tagging will be utilized. A full YouTube channel optimization is also available for an additional $25.

Monthly Social Media Management

An all inclusive strategic growth plan for artist social media specializing in Facebook and Instagram. This will include a minimum of three well thought out posts per week. This will include organic growth of at least 1,000 authentic followers per month. This service will include the management of any additional boosts active within an account. Weekly strategy conferences will be included with the artist. 

Monthly Spotify Promotion

This is a Spotify promotion in which top Spotify curators will be pitched your single. We have access to the contact information of over 3,000 top Spotify playlist curators. Each day pitches of your song will be made to these curators. Additional curation placement fees may apply.

Artist Website Creation and Design

This service includes the creation and design of a custom tailored artist website. Promote and amplify your brand by utilizing a bespoke artist webpage as a central hub for all events occurring within your career. Additional website host fees may apply.