I have been so fortunate to gather a tremendous amount of knowledge from all the experiences throughout my 30 plus years of making music for a living. Knowledge from some of the most successful songwriters, producers and players in the business. Knowledge that I continue to gather to this day. KNOWLEDGE THAT I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU. 


I offer one on one development in my home studio or via Skype that starts with the basic concepts of songwriting all the way through to the performance and the recording of your song. Thru co-writing,  I would love to teach you how to use craft of songwriting not as a predictable formula that feels unoriginal, but as your greatest tool to trigger your imagination and keep you inspired. I always approach writing with the goal to write the best song I possibly can. I honestly don't know how to put on a different hat just because I'm coaching the process of being creative. This is the same real world opportunity that I saw my own personnel growth as an artist really start to blossom.  I have had so much fun successfully helping so many artist who were long on talent, but short on experience, set their goals and then crush them beyond expectations. I'm confident that thru this process, your pursuit as an artist will enjoy leaps and bounds.