I'm a a singer songwriter, producer, songwriting & live performance coach in Nashville, TN.  I started writing songs at an early age when my first guitar teacher was cool enough to help me finish my songs instead of forcing me to play the notes to Tom Dooley and Camptown Races.  I'm fortunate to say that I have literally thousands of live performances under my belt, had several major publishing and record deals, written songs for iconic artist, worked alongside legendary songwriters, producers and engineers, and I still love making music today as much as I ever did.
I spend a lot of my time not only creating music for myself, but developing young artist by being a songwriting coach, producer and mentor. My greatest joy now… is giving others the opportunity to be the best they can be by sharing every ounce of knowledge that I fought for along the way.    


 Raised on a small farm outside Gainesville, Fl Britton would cut across the field to his grandfathers house who had a mono AM radio tuned to country greats like Haggard, Cash and Don Williams. His mother, a very successful dance instructor introduced him to greats like Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder with her choreography being the norm in the family living room. His brother who is a drummer hung up the rock posters and provided the ride home after their
late night gigs while Britton was only a freshmen in high school.

 Years of extensive touring and a few different band names, his time in
the water down bars paid off. His band House of Dreams found themselves with an
independent record deal and working with an up and coming producer John Kurzweg (Creed and Puddle Of Mudd).



Heavy touring and airplay throughout the southeast caught the ear of famed producer Keith
Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, 38 Special and Foreigner), this lead to a major contract with RCA
Records. After a few trips to visit with his new management in Nashville, the decision to
take up residence in the music city was simple.

The move turned out to be a good idea when only three months later he signed a deal with
Hamstein Publishing. This is where he began learning from some of the best tunesmith in
the Nashville community. While at Hamstein he recorded a project with his long time duo
partner Jack Sizemore called The Legendary Ballad Junkies with producer Justin Niebank
(Keith Urban, Vince Gill and Marty Stuart). Only a year later he became a staff writer at
Warner Chappell Publishing, where he recorded sides with producer Mark Bright (Rascal
Flatts and Carrie Underwood).

After having songs cut by country artist Lonestar and others, Britton became a
staff writer at Windswept Publishing where he completed two records, BrittonJack with
Justin Niebank, and a side project of songs written and recorded with Stan Lynch (Tom
Petty and the Heartbreakers, Don Henley and The Mavericks) called The Welldiggers. After
writing for Crossfire 3 music publishing in Nashville, Britton got picked up as a staff
writer for Super 98 (Big Machine Records)/The Song Factory where his song "Just By Being
You" was recorded by the duo Steel Magnolia which stayed on The Top 40 Billboard chart for
over six months. Most recently legendary country singer Don Williams recorded Britton's "I Won't Give Up on You" for his latest record Reflections.

 It was during this period of time that Britton discovered his passion for coaching young artist when he was approached by an old friend and manager about doing some songwriting mentoring. Since then Britton has written a eight part video series on creative songwriting called "The Art and Craft of Songwriting" that is in production and will be released in full in early 2017.